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**** First day of school is Tuesday, August 16th at 7:50am! **** Every student and staff member matters for Santee's SQI! ****  Santee's Collared Shirt Dress Code is Black and Tan collared shirts ****  Every Wednesday is College Shirt Wednesday!  Any college shirt is acceptable **** Friday's continue to be Santee Spirit Day!!  Santee shirts are allowed and encouraged! **** Santee Falcons work hard, work efficient, and work consistently EVERY DAY!  **** GO FALCONS!!  Working together, ALL Santee Falcons Will SOAR! **** Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @santeefalcons **** CLASS of 2016 SAT/ACT Fee Waivers in College Center during LUNCH****
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Class of 2017!!! This is your final year in at Santee Education Complex.  Let's make this an exciting and memorable year.  Please frequent this site for all news regarding requirements, helpful tools and to know more about your year.  Lets make this year the best here at Santee!!!
Graduation Requirements:
Basic Requirements to receive a diploma:
  1. 210 credits
  2. Complete A-G Requirements
  3. Complete Service Learning Project (SLP)
  4. Health Requirement
Additional expectations for seniors to be eligible to participate in graduation ceremony:
  1. Complete a Senior Portfolio (Attached)
  2. WRC interview (online application and resume template are on this site)
  3. 96% attendance or better
  4. Senior Behavior Contract-Must be signed and turned into Ms. Torres in counseling office


Santee Senior Class Meetings:


Come to the Senior Class Meetings taking place every Monday during LUNCH TIME in Room C 201 (Ms. Ordonez Classroom).


See you there.


Santee Senior Meetings


Room C 201 (Ms. Ordonez Class)


For More information see one of the following:


Mr. Thrasher C 338

Mr. Olague C 328

Ms. Ordonez C 201

Ms. Andrade C 217

Ms. Georges C 114

Mr. Elston Main Office

This is your Senior Team:






Dr. Gomez


X 1081

Main Office

Mr. Mejia

Assistant Principal


Main Office

Ms. Torres



Counseling Office

Ms. Rojas

College Counselor



College Center

Mr. Coreas

College Advisor


College Center

Ms. Johnson



Counseling Office

Mr. Elston

Ms. Ordonez

Mr. Thrasher

Ms. Georges

Ms. Andrade

Mr. Olague

Senior Sponsor



Main Office

C 201

C 338

C 114

C 117

C 328

Ms. Heredia

Attendance Counselor


Main Office

Ms. Villanueva (A-L)

Mr. Chow (M-Z)

Diploma Project Counselor


X 1003

X 1004

Counseling Office

Ms. Jurado (A-L)

Ms. Marroquin (M-Z)

Psychiatric Social Worker-Counselor




C 203

Main Office

Chef Lis

WRC Coordinator


C 300

Ms. Franklin

Portfolio Coordinator



C 315



Important Dates for your Senior Year:

 Please keep these dates and write them down in your calendars.


UC Application Opens                      August 1st                   Visit College Center

Homeroom Meeting                        September 7th           9:05 am

Herff Jones                                        September 7th           (Homeroom Meeting)

Senior Luau                                       September 9th            7:00 pm-Santee Pool

Herff Jones-Order date                   September 14th         Lunch Time



SAT Test Date                                     October 1st

CSU Mentor Application Open       October 1st                 Visit College Center           

SAT Registration/Deadline               October 7th                 Registration for November SAT

Herff Jones-Order Date                   October 19th               Parent Meeting 5 pm

Homecoming Game/Parade           October 21st               Parade 5:30 pm-Game 7 pm

Homecoming Dance                        October 22nd              Santee 7-11 pm



SAT Registration/Deadline              November 3rd              Registration for December SAT

SAT Test Date                                     November 5th

Herff Jones-Order Date                   November 16th          Lunch Time

UC/CSU Applications Due               November 30th          Hard Deadline



SAT Test Date                                    December 3rd

Finals                                                 December 13th-14th  

1st Semester Grade Due                  December 15th         

Last Day of First Semester             December 16th



First Day of Second Semester

Herff Jones-Order Date                   January 19th               Lunch Time

Financial Aid/Cash for College               Saturday January 21 from 9am-1am – Financial Aid/CASH FOR COLLEGE Event @ Santee



Herff Jones-Last Day Order             February 8th               Last Day to Place Order

 February 2017 – LA College Promise Month – Do your FAFSA/CA DREAM ACT + your Community College App = Free College!



FAFSA Deadline                               TBA                               Hard Deadline

 * Thursday, March 2 – Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA) and CA DREAM ACT are due.

 Herff Jones-Last Day Order    March 15th           Lunch Time



Herff Jones-Last Day Balance         April 1st                      Last Day to Pay Off Balance



Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Enrollment Deposit Due May 1st

General Housing Application due (may vary by CSU) Due May 15th 

Herff Jones-Deliver                         May 24th                     Delivery of Packages

Prom                                                   May 27th                         Henson Studios

Senior Grad Nite                              May 5th                       Disneyland

2nd Semester Grades Due               TBA                             Senior Grades-Graduation Grades



Senior Awards Nite                         June 6th                      4:30-6:30 pm

Graduation                                       June 8th                      Falcon Stadium

Last Day of Second Semester        June 9th                      Santee Education Complex

Upcoming College Deadlines


  • Friday, December 15 - Last day to submit changes to your CSU application if you made mistakes
  • Friday, December 15 - Send SAT Scores to colleges. For UC, send it to one and they all get it; for CSU use College board code #3594 for CSU Mentor and they will all receive it.
  • ELM/EPT Registration Dates (varies by CSU):
    • January 28,2017; March 4, 2017; April 1, 2017; April 21, 2017
  • Saturday January 21 from 9am-1am – Financial Aid/CASH FOR COLLEGE Event @ Santee
  • February 2017 – LA College Promise Month – Do your FAFSA/CA DREAM ACT + your Community College App = Free College!
  • Thursday, March 2 – Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA) and CA DREAM ACT are due.
  • Monday, May 1stStatement of Intent to Register (SIR) and Enrollment Deposit Due
  • Monday, May 15 – General Housing Application due (may vary by CSU)


Expected Fees for College – Start Saving Up!

  • EPT/ELM Tests -$18 each; visit us to see if you are exempt from taking it!
  • Enrollment deposit – At least $100, depends by school
  • AP Exam Fee - $5 per AP exam you are taking.

EOP Applications due (deadlines vary per CSU)

December – February: Private college applications due (check with each campus for individual deadlines)


Money for College!

Your student will receive financial aid as long as they submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Parents will need to provide tax info and sign the form to receive aid.

Is your student AB 540 (undocumented)? No problem! Fill out the California Dream Act application instead to receive state money for college.



Visit Mr. Coreas or Ms. Rojas in the College Center on campus or by email at: and
Phone: (213) 763-1084

 Herff Jones Dates:
These are the Dates to Order your Senior Packages.





Senior Meeting



Order date



Order Date



order date



order date



last day to place order

($25 late fee charged)



Last Day to Place Order ($80)

lunch time-quad


Last day to pay-off balance



Delivery of packages

Service Learning Project (SLP):

  • The SLP is an LAUSD graduation requirement. According to LAUSD, it is recommended that SLP guidance and completion be done through a student's Social Science/History class.


  • The purpose of the SLP is for students to engage in a SERVICE LEARNING EXPERIENCE.
11th Grade and 12 graders will complete SLP projects through their US History/AP US History/Economics/Government Classes.


Possible scenarios:

   Class Projects

   Group Projects

   Individual Projects


  • You can also receive SLP credit if you participate in the following projects:
  •       Falcon Crew
  •       Peer Mentoring
  •       AP Environmental Science Projects
  •       Circle of Friends

NOTE: To receive SLP credit for any of the above activities/projects, students MUST complete a TYPED, double-spaced, 1-2 page reflection on their experience. This must be turned in to their US History/AP US History/Government/Economics teacher.


SENIORS: Any senior that has yet to complete their SLP can join Mr. Molina’s AP US History class project. Please have these seniors see Mr. Molina BEFORE school, during lunch, or AFTER school to sign up for this project by March 1.


IF you complete your SLP project, please notify/email your Government/Economics teacher. 

 In addition, see the attached documents on this page labeled "SLP" for you to use.
Work Readiness Certificate:
These are the dates for WRC.  Please check in with your English Teacher or contact Chef Lis at or in Room C-300.  The interviews are in the Library.
Please use the Resume Template, Online Application, and other tools on this website.

1.       Tuesday, October 18

2.       Tuesday, November 1

3.       Tuesday, November 29

4.       Tuesday, December 13

5.       Tuesday, January 10

6.       Tuesday, January 24