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Santee Emergency Procedures

Please visit this site for Santee Emergency Procedures.

Santee Education Complex

Emergency Evacuation Procedures


The following are the evacuation procedures for all classrooms. The assembly areas for each floor have also been designated. The evacuation procedures are in effect during any situation that is deemed by administration that requires evacuation of the classroom building and surrounding classrooms.


Classroom Building (C Building) Evacuation Routes


Classrooms                                                     Stairwell of Doorway


First Floor


C104 to C108                                                            Center Door

C111 to C115                                                            East Door (Maple Ave)

C116                                                               Center Door



Second Floor


C215 to C227                                                            East Stairwell (Maple Ave)

C228 to C234                                                            Center Stairwell

C206 to C214                                                            Center Stairwell

C235 to C236                                                            West Stairwell (Los Angeles St)

C200 to C205                                                            West Stairwell (Los Angeles St)



Third Floor


C317 to C329                                                            East Stairwell (Maple Ave)

C330 to C337                                                            Center Stairwell

C308 to C317                                                            Center Stairwell

C338 to C340                                                            West Stairwell (Los Angeles St)

C300 to C307                                                            West Stairwell (Los Angeles St)


Ground Evacuation Routes

All “A”, “T”, and “G” Classrooms are to evacuate their classrooms and walk towards the Center Quad and then towards the Baseball and Softball Fields.


All Classrooms coming from East, West, and Center Stairwells are to walk towards the Center Quad and then towards the Baseball and Softball Fields.


Assembly Areas


All “A”, “T”, 1st Floor and 2nd Floor Classrooms assemble in the Baseball Field (Entrance from the main walkway gate).

All PE and 3rd Floor Classrooms assemble in the Softball Field (Entrance from Gate near the Handball Courts).


Items you should have in your classroom in case of an emergency or evacuation:


  1.        Your Room Sign # with your name on it.
    1.       Put a sign on a meter stick


  1.        Current Class Roster (5 Column Roster from Misis)


  1.        A Bucket with the following:
  •       Toilet Seat (1 bucket for every 30 people)
  •       First Aid Kit
  •       Flashlight
  •       Small Radio
  •       Batteries
  •       Whistle
  •       Emergency Blanket (2)
  •       Poncho (2)
  •       Tissues
  •       Extra Bandages
  •       Feminine Pads (2)
  •       Extra Plastic Bags (4)
  •       Marking Pens (3)
  •       Pens
  •       Notepad
  •       Deodorizer
  •       Hand Sanitizer
  •       Toilet Paper


Please place this bucket somewhere in your room and make sure it is accessible in case of an emergency.

Please TAKE these items with you if you need to evacuate your classroom. Designate students to carry these items.

It is important you protect yourself at home.  Please visit the following website for steps you can take to support you at home: