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Dress Code

Santee Education Complex Dress Code

All students are required to follow the dress code guidelines every day. These guidelines are designed to help students thoroughly understand the expectations put upon them as they prepare for college, career, and life after high school and to improve school safety along with nurture school pride.  Students and parents, thank you for your commitment to making our school a great place to learn. This year, students will only be allowed to wear the school colors for their collared shirts (Black, Gray, Tan/beige shirts ONLY).

Respectfully,    Dr. Martin O. Gomez, Principal at Santee Education Complex


APPROVED Collared Shirts / Tops

NON-Approved Shirts / Tops

- Polo / Collared Shirts (ONLY gray, black, and tan / beige)

- Size appropriate clothing

- All students must meet school approved dress code guidelines and show respect for others

- The PE uniform may only be worn during PE time.

-All students are expected to wear a gray, black or tan/beige unisex collared shirt.

- All Santee Education Complex attire is acceptable.

- All shirts should be appropriately sized for your body type.

- All shirts must be tucked in at all times if oversized.

-No midriff showing

-No bra-straps showing

-No turtlenecks

-No low-cut shirts/ blouses

-No tank tops

-No strapless shirts/ blouses

-No spaghetti straps

-No off-the-shoulder shirts or blouses

-No cut-out-designs

-No bare-back

-No sheer or mesh clothing

-No Gang related attire

-No patterns or logos (e.g. Brand names, sports teams, or drug insignias)

-No oversized, ripped, torn, or clothing with holes

-No clothing or jewelry that depicts any “gangstyle” writing; illegal activity; sexually-related or obscene gestures and materials; tobacco; drugs; alcohol; or words, pictures or phrases that depict violence or intimidation or suggests defaming of persons or groups


Pants, Skirts, and Shorts

APPROVED Pants, Skirts, and Shorts

NON-Approved Pants, Skirts, and Shorts

- Black, Blue or Charcoal jeans or walking shorts.

- All pants must be worn at the waist and the proper size for your body type.

- Shorts must follow the same requirements as pants.

- Skirt, short, or Capri pants

- Shorts must be long enough to extend past the student’s fingertips when the student is standing and arms are extended.

- No blue, faded, torn, or cut jeans and pants

- No Sweatpants, pajama pants, or leggings

- No shorts/skirts more than 2 inches above the knee

- No pants that drag

- No leggings (pants with no pockets)

- No cell phone pocket

- No sliced seams

- No sagging or low-riding shorts and pants


Shoes, Outerwear, Accessories




- Students must wear CLOSED TOE SHOES

- No open toe/heel shoes

- No flip flops

- No slippers/house shoes

- No heels taller than 1inch

- No jellies

- Jackets are permitted on school campus.

- All sweatshirts and sweaters must be GREY or BLACK with NO writing, logos, emblems, monograms or any kind except Santee Education Complex logo and Santee E.C. Apparel.

- No hoods in class

- No sunglasses in class

- No trench coats

- Santee Falcon and solid school colored beanies ONLY

- Santee E.C. hats ONLY


Non-Approved Accessories:

- Belts may not contain logos, studs, rhinestones, chains, or initials. The belt buckle may not have designs, lighting, logos, rhinestones, etc…

- No hats, wave caps, bandanas, sweatbands, or visors. No hats or hoods in class

* Note: This is not a complete list of all the acceptable or unacceptable items. These are just examples. The principal has the authority to revise or amend the dress code.