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College Resources » SAT and ACT Practice

SAT and ACT Practice

SAT and ACT Practice


As with anything else in life, practicing for the SAT will help you succeed!  The SAT has specific types of questions.  You should study until you are familiar with the question types and you do well on practice exams.   Then you will know you are ready! 


Here is a good article summarizing which test might be a better fit for you!


**  If you want to do well on the SAT and ACT, a Kaplan book is highly recommended!  You can get one in the school library, public libraries, and in bookstores.  If you a study a bit each day (20 minutes to 1 hour) for 1 - 2 months before your exam date, your scores will improve a lot!  It's a good idea to buy your own copy, so that you can write in it.  Copies are about $15 on book websites like Amazon or at bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble. If it helps you get into college or win a scholarship, then it might be the best $15 you'll ever spend!!


**  Review the practice questions in the pamphlets provided by SAT and ACT.  These small booklets are available in the College Center.  They are helpful, because they have real questions from the ACT and SAT.  Make sure to also get a Kaplan book and use the web sites below, though, because you can’t get enough practice and test strategies from the pamphlets alone. 

** This is a great free web site with fun lessons and lots of practice questions.  It also has a score predictor so you can track how well you might do and study more if necessary.


**  A Place Called Home provides SAT courses for students who are members. Membership includes many potential benefits, including homework assistance, meals, field trips (including college trips), and possible scholarships.  Visit the College Center or A Place Called Home to learn more about these SAT preparation classes!


**  CollegeBoard’s SAT Preparation Center CollegeBoard is the organization that gives the SAT.  You can practice with real SAT questions and sign up for the Official SAT Question of the Day at this website!


**  CollegeBoard’s SAT Subject Tests Preparation Center Provides short descriptions of the SAT Subject tests (required by some private colleges), along with study suggestions.


** This site provides ACT and SAT practice questions, detailed explanations of answers, tracks your progress, and indicates areas that need improvement. 


**  My College QuickStart Individualized SAT practice provided free by the CollegeBoard to all students who have taken the PSAT.  All Santee students take the PSAT twice--once in 10th grade, and again in 11th grade  If you don't have the PSAT score report given to you in Seminar class, you can visit Mr. Abarr for your access code.


**  March2Success This Army-sponsored site offers good practice resources.  You can use it even if you have no interest in the Army, because you will not be recruited unless you indicate interest when you are creating an account. Otherwise, you are free to use this SAT resource with absolutely no commitment or hassle!  Take advantage of this--the practice lessons are from Petersons, a well-known test prep company.  This would definitely cost you money if not sponsored by the Army.


**  SparkNotes. This is another good site.  You can take practice SAT tests, and the site will even track your progress towards your target score.  Create a SparkNotes account if you want to keep track of your progress.


**  Need help with a particular math or English topic?  The Khan Academy offers short, well-made videos to help you review important topics.  Give it a try!